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It's time for 'what gets under our skin' and the winner this week is....recruiters (and the occasional real estate agent)! 





(c. 2013)


So you think you know the meaning of the word circa, huh?


If you're correct, we can almost guarantee that you don't select 'recruiter' as your job title on application forms.


Circa essentially means 'around', however this particular 'around' only ever relates to a period of time (historically) e.g. 'circa 1956'.


Consequently, for every recruiter who uses the phrase "salary circa $100,000", there are a thousand Wordsmiths out there banging their heads against the proverbial brick wall.


So do the right thing this season and save a Wordsmith's cranium! They may seem like invincible tough guys, but they're human and have families and loved ones, just like the rest of us!


Proudly brought to you by the team here at Website Proofreading...tirelessly dedicated to annoying the person from whom you are trying to gain employment.

Save for the stick figure limbs, we'd say this is a fairly accurate depiction of the very visceral reaction many have to poor grammar....

We love this little comic!


The author clearly shares our sentiments regarding the importance of correct grammar, so we'll forgive him or her one error...


Can you spot it? If you can't, don't worry. Even those of our clients who we consider to be on the higher end of the proficiency scale have struggled to identify it.


Spoiler alert! It's 'grammatical error'. Ironic, huh?


'Grammatical' is actually an adjective used to describe one's conformity to the rules of grammar, therefore a 'grammatical error' is in fact, oxymoronic. 


Now you can be the person at lunch who pulls all your friends up for saying "grammatical error" when really they should be saying "poor grammar"! ... Everyone loves 'that guy'.


Proudly brought to you by the team here at Website Proofreading...tirelessly dedicated to alienating you from your friends.