Can you out-word our Wordsmiths??


Here's where we at Website Proofreading throw down the gauntlet and challenge you to a duel!

How many mistakes can you find in each of the following? Click on each statement provided to find the correct answer..

One thing this place has in abundance are hipsters, although there are less hipsters in this bar then their are in the other bar’s here.

Angela wasn’t nearly so effected by the flood as Christian was, but she realised that the group of rescuers were scheduled to arrive soon, otherwise she would of tried to jump the queue.

After they brought the house at auction, the agent inferred they had actually paid too much for it.

It’s not always cut and dried. You can sometimes have different opinions to those of your manager.

In this context neither the answer or the question make any sense.

The drinks complimented the food nicely, subsequently I would recommend the matching wines.

Caroline came to the picnic with George and me. Me and Caroline didn’t stay long.

I’m not expecting she and Pia to agree on this.

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