"You only have one chance to make a good
first impression". For most businesses, your website is that one chance.

What we do
















  • Improve search engine rankings through correct spelling/grammar

  • Remove errors before your clients see them, in order to enhance your credibility and improve sales opportunities

  • Improve clarity of meaning

  • Give you a competitive advantage

Our dedicated team of wordsmiths will thoroughly proofread and copy edit your website content, addressing all of the following:



While good design is critical for an professional website, the real 'mirror' of your business lies in what you say and how you say it. 


Statistics show that the average amount of time spent on a website is less than 10 seconds, therefore you have very little time to make a good first impression and engage visitors sufficiently to extend their stay. Remember, once they are gone they're not coming back!


That's where Website Proofreading can help to:

spelling counts



Contrary to popular belief, 'auto-correct' has not solved the epidemic of misspelt words which have flooded the internet since the dawn of the web.


We're not talking 'cat', 'dog', 'oesophagus' at the local spelling bee. We're talking about compound words, hyphenated words and the important contextual difference between 'it's' and 'its'. You'd fall off your chair if you knew how many people don't know how to spell thank you correctly!




The web is designed for speed readers. 


Using poor syntax is like trying to run a 100m sprint on a road full  of potholes.


If you want to make your message clear, good syntax is your best friend.


Has anyone ever learned how to use a semicolon or colon correctly?


We have and, make no mistake, many of your prospective customers have too.



This goes beyond syntax. It looks at a broader context of language and word choice. 


As the old adage says: "choose your words carefully". 

Word choice


words choice


Consistent style and formatting

Consistency provides ease and comfort for the reader. 


However, if we had a dollar for every time we saw an inconsistent acronym, number, bulleted list, indent, or paragraph break (to name a few), we wouldn't be in the proofreading business... We'd be in the Bahamas.

correct tense


Correct tense

Confused by the box on the left? Leave it

to us! 


Unless you're Doctor Who and have just blown in from the 1960s, you have no excuse for mixing up your tenses. Even then we'd be relatively unforgiving!




Taking words out of context is folly for politicians and spin doctors, but not as much as it is for businesses trying to establish and retain credibility in their marketplace.


If politicians have taught us anything (and have they really?), it's that messing with context does not win over the public over!




Clarity of meaning

We understand well that it's difficult to be objective and succinct and when you are too close to a project, or when English is not your first language. 


Fear not. We're here to help!

capital letters


Capital letters

Proper case, proper nouns... With all that propriety you'd think English was created by a bunch of Brits...


Oh wait... perhaps it was!



Meaning, substance and semantics

We could probably spend hours explaining the meaning of homophones, homographs and homonyms, but our friends tell us that that would be enough to put any Homo sapiens to sleep!