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Kim Sinclair Forbes, our hard-working Chief Wordsmith, has had many years' experience advising all types of businesses, from banking to IT, and from marketing to business entrepreneurs and speechwriters. Her extensive experience and her pedantic adherence to correct, concise and user-friendly communication is what sets her apart from others. This has also been her guidepost in the process of selecting our other Wordsmiths.


Our team of Wordsmiths is hand-chosen and all have the magical ability to instantly spot awkward or misleading wording and inconsistencies or inaccuracies in word use, formatting, tense, punctuation and style.


Our work is painstaking and rigorous. If you want a document proofread within 24 hours - no problem. Other documents and websites can take longer - but not much. We aim to provide the best possible service in the shortest possible time.


Please feel free to contact us for a free website health check, if only to be sure that you are not in need of our services!